The LumaPix Support team is happy to assist you with questions or technical issues which fall outside the scope of general documentation.

So we can get back to you as efficiently as possible, please include the following information when contacting us:

  • Your name.
  • Contact telephone number, including timezone and when’s good to reach you.
  • If applicable: your userid, school name, publisher and software version.
  • As much information about the issue as possible. If it’s technical, step by step instructions and a screenshot or two work best.
Need an answer fast? Our knowledge base provides answers to most common questions, including technical ones. Stumped on how to do something? We have step by step guides covering everything from account management to advance tips and tricks. Try searching around your question before contacting us – in most cases, we’ve already got you covered.

Email to create a support ticket. One ticket per issue please – repeated requests do not jump the queue!