FotoFusion incompatibility with Mac 10.15 (Catalina) update

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Unfortunately, the new Mac Catalina update is not compatible with FotoFusion. Mac discontinued support of 32-bit applications in this last update. Our team has not been able to find a feasible solution for this issue yet.
If you launched FotoFusion or Memento Pro in the last few months, your Mac operating system should have displayed at least one warning about 32-bit software compatibility being discontinued with the next update. Unfortunately, since your computer was updated to the Catalina 10.15 operating system, it will no longer run either application.
While we are not officially able to endorse the suggestions found in an article from PC Magazine listing ways to configure your Mac to allow for 32-bit software, you might find a solution using one of the methods suggested in it. Of course, rolling back the Catalina update then reinstalling any 32-bit applications would solve the issue. FotoFusion is fully compatible on Windows computers of course, and any recent Mac system up until the Catalina release.

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