Troubleshooting: Freezing, lag, connectivity errors

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Unexpected software behavior, such as freezes, crashes, failed updates or communication failure can sometimes be caused by conflicting anti-virus software. As part of the setup procedure, we strongly recommend adding real-time scanning and networking exceptions to the main executable of FotoFusion (%appData%/LumaPix/App/Collage.exe).

Windows Defender & Microsoft Security Essentials

Since August 2015, these popular Microsoft anti-virus tools have been known to cause serious performance issues with FotoFusion (as well as other software tools). Windows 7(Security Essentials), 8 & 10 (Defender) users will see this problem.

To resolve this, please add C:/ProgramData/Lumapix to the list of exclusions within Security Essentials / Defender.

After making the change, reboot your system and try relaunching FotoFusion. FotoFusion should then respond normally again.

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