How can I restore a project to an earlier save?

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If you’ve overwritten a project file, but need to get back to an earlier version, you can do so in FotoFusion Version 5.
Go to File > Open to find your project. Right-mouse select your project.

 A numbered list of the previously saved versions will appear. In this case, this project had many saves on a single day. The first save is “1”, with each save progressively later than the last.

Here is another project that has four save dates, with multiple saves under each date.

Choose one of the saved versions to reopen the project – it will launch on the Create screen.

If you wish to retain a copy of the project at that particular save point, choose File > Save As and give the project a new name.
Close the project (File > Close) if you don’t want to keep it. You can try opening another version if you are looking for a different version.

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