How do I add images to my project?

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Images can be added to your canvas from the Images hover or Bucket hover, dropped directly onto the canvas, or into an empty frame.

From the Images Hover

The Images hover provides quick access to your images on your local, external and network drives.

Click on the drop-down menu and browse your folders (click the V arrow to navigate to your folder of choice).
You can also choose a recently used folder.

To add a single image to your canvas, select it in the Image hover, and drag it to the canvas. It will drop onto the canvas in a frame.

Add multiple images, either by:

  • dragging over the images in the Image hover
  • holding Ctrl and selectively pick images in the Images hover.

Drag your selection to the canvas, and drop images, one by one, onto the canvas.

Adding an image to an empty frame

To create an empty image frame on your canvas, hold the F key on your keyboard, click your left-mouse button and drag over your canvas. Let go of the mouse button when you have drawn a frame in the desired proportions.

Once you have an empty frame on your canvas, drag your image from the Image hover to the frame where you want to drop it until it is highlighted.
Click to drop the image into the selected frame.

If an image is already in the frame, it will swap out with the new image.

Note: You can drop an image onto the canvas background by dragging and dropping the image to the grey area outside the canvas. The canvas background frame will hightlight, then pick up the image.

Autocollaging from the Images hover

To autocollage a selection of images on the canvas, click on the Autocollage icon on the Images hover.
Your selected images will be dropped onto the Canvas in an autocollage frame.

Autopopulating a template

To autopopulate a template, select one or more images, and click on the Autopopulate icon on the Image hover.
The selected images will fill any empty frames on the canvas.

Pinning or Docking the Image hover

Keep the Image hover open by clicking on the pin icon. Pin (overlay) or Dock (pushes canvas to the side).
Switch the hover back to “automatically close” to return it to a single button, or click “x” button to close.

Adding Images from the Bucket Hover

The Bucket hover lets you access images sorted on the Organize tab.
First, on the Organize tab, on the Source view, find the folder(s) which contain your images.

Checkmark any folder to see the images they contain.

Add images from the Organize tab’s preview area to a bucket:

  • Select one or more images and drag into a bucket.
  • Select one or more images and type the corresponding bucket number.

The images will be added to the selected bucket. (Note: You can add images to more than one bucket, and you can create additional buckets by right-mouse selecting an existing bucket.)

The buckets will display the number of images within them.

Flip back to the Create tab to access the Bucket hover.
Change among the buckets from the dropdown box at the top.

Drag and drop images from the Bucket onto the Canvas, just as you would from the Images hover.
Leaving the “Removed Dropped” checkbox on will remove images from the bucket once they are used. Turn this checkbox off if you want to leave the images in the buckets after being used on the canvas.

Used Images Checkmarks

Notice that both the Images hover and the Bucket Hover will indicate the number of times an image is used in your project. Note: A project in this case is on a per-page basis.

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