How do I add text?

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Text can be added to your canvas, either attached to a particular image, or as a free text frame.

Adding a text frame

To add a text frame on your canvas, either:

  • select a blank area on our outside the canvas, and click the T icon on the toolbox,
  • or drag an area over the canvas while clicking down on the T key on your keyboard,
  • or click on the Add Frame button on the Toolbar.

Text frames, like image frames, are resizable and can be rotated.

When selected, blue handles will appear around the edge of the frame. Drag on any of the handles to reshape the text frame, or spin the frame using the rotate icon.

Adding text to an image frame

Text frames can be attached to image frames, which is useful for making labels, captions or proof documents.

To add a text frame to an image frame, select the image frame, and then click T on the toolbox. A text frame will appear on top of the image.

Move and resize the text frame anywhere on the canvas.

If you move, resize or rotate the image frame, the text frame will follow it.

Customizing your text

To add your custom text, double-click your text frame. The entire contents of the text frame will be highlighted.

Start typing – the placeholder text will be replaced.

You can customize your text in many ways – learn more here.

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