How do I change my text size, font, color and position?

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The text editor allows you to customize your text.

Select a text frame on your canvas.  The Text Toolbox will appear next to the selection.

Single-click the selected text frame to bring up the Text Editor – all text will be highlighted.

Double-click anywhere within a text frame to make your cursor appear within the text frame – you can select individual characters or words.

Change the font

Click on the T on the toolbox to open the Text Editor. Use the font drop-down to select the font of your choice.

Adjust the text size

Use the text size slider.

Adding text attributes

Bold, italic, underline and strikeout are available, under the font size.

The drop down next to the text size determines how the size of your text relates to the frame size.

  • Resize to fit: The text will change size relative to the size of the text frame, never exceeding the size available in the frame (no clipping). Best use: title graphics or text as word art.
  • Lock and Clip: The text will stay at your select size regardless of the size of your frame. Be careful – your text can be clipped outside the frame. Best use: paragraphs of text that need to be standardized.
  • Do Not Exceed:  The text will stay at your specified size if space allows. Resize the frame too small, the text resizes down. Best use: Labels under images.

Change the text color

To change the color of your text, change the Fill color.

Change the edge

To add an edge/border to your text, use the Edge color and Thickness slider.

Align your text

Use the tools under Alignment to adjust the alignment of your text within the frame.

The first dropbox allows you to define the alignment of your text relative to the side edges of your frame.

The second dropbox allows you to define the alignment of your text relative to the side top and bottom of the frames.

The siders allow you to define intercharacter and interline spacing.

With this basic features, you can achieve quite a number of effects.

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