How do I change my page size?

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To resize your canvas, double-click outside the canvas area to open the Canvas Setting editor, or select Tools > Page > Canvas Settings to open the Canvas Setting Editor.

Note: If you see the options greyed out, you may not have permission to change the page size – as is the case for most YearbookFusion users, who are limited to their publisher’s settings. Most FotoFusion Enhanced & Extreme users should be allow to make changes. 

1. Page Size

At the top of the editor, use the drop-down box to select the type of page you are working on.
Generic album projects will typically contain a choice of Album Side, Two Page Spread, Sheet, and Cover Sheet. These choices change the margins and gutter displays on your page.

The canvas dimensions are adjusted in the Width and Height boxes. Click on “X” to swap the values.

Turn on the Resizable box to display blue resizing handles along your canvas, which allows you to drag these handles to dynamically adjust your canvas size.

2. Form Factor

A form factor refers to a collection of page types associated into a product (eg. an album product will contain dimensions for an album side, double-spread and cover).

To change the selected product, click on the Change button.

Change the project type, manufacturer or product from the Project Settings editor.
Enhanced & Extreme users should find many manufacturers. YearbookFusion users should only find their printing company.

Enhanced & Extreme users will find that the Manufacturer’s list will contain presets for many album companies, but you can create your own sizes for in-house printing or to send to an unlisted manufacturer.

Click on Manage.. to create your own custom size product and pages – more details here.

Remove strips away the project type and manufacturer but leaves the page sizes and guidelines unaltered.

3. Printing Zones

Modify Safe and Bleed guidelines in this area.
Type a value in inches the first box of each row, then click on the >> to transfer the value to all four sizes.
If neeed, you can specify a separate value for the gutter, edge, top and bottom of the album.

When manually entering new dimensions for a project, ensure the Fit Frames option is on to ensure your layout will proportionally resize to your new canvas dimensions.

When your changes are complete, either click on Apply to this Page, to resize the currently selected page, or on Update Form Factor.
Update Form Factor will show a list of the different page types and sizes in your project, and allow to you selectively apply the new dimensions to one of them.

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