Moving projects (and presets) to another computer

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Moving Projects from one computer to another

If you are switching computers, you may want to move your FotoFusion projects.

Heads up! FotoFusion does not embed images/fonts into projects. You need to backup your source files or create project archives to avoid missing content. 

To backup FotoFusion projects,  you will need to archive the project, then restore it on the new computer.

Archiving creates a .scrappackage file, which contains the project recipe, images and fonts. This method is preferred for transferring a few individual projects, not a repository of projects made over years.

Archive and Restore

To archive a project:

  • Open the project via File> Open
  • Once it is open, choose File > Archive/Restore > Archive
  • Choose a folder where the archive file will be created. The default folder is Documents/My Projects/My Archived Collages or Documents/My Collages/My Archived Collages, but you can choose any folder you need.
  • A .scrappackage file will be created on your system, ready to move.

To restore a project:

  • Transfer the .scrappackage file to the new computer.
  • Select File > Archive/Restore > Restore
  • Point to the .scrappackage file and open it. (In this example, the file was moved to the Downloads folder.)
  • The project will unpack itself, prompting you to select a location for the photos & fonts. The default location is Documents/My Projects/Archive Photos or Documents/My Collages/Archive Photos, but you can choose any folder you need.
Bulk Moving .scrap files

If you have a large number of projects to move to a new computer, backing up all the source files manually is far quicker than creating individual archives.

You will need to move:

  • The FotoFusion project files ( .scrap files)
  • The source images (these are not embedded in projects)
  • The fonts (these are not embedded in projects)

On your new computer, you will need to either:

  • Open the projects and re-link the images using the Missing Images Tool (preferable) or
  • Re-create the same folder structure as your original computer (this maintains all the image links)

In either case, you will need to install your system fonts again.

Copying Presets (optional)

If you want to copy your FotoFusion presets across, you need to backup the ‘Presets’ folder and replace it on your new computer:

Windows 10/8/7/Vista: C:\ProgramData\LumaPix\App\Presets
Windows XP: C:\Documents And Settings\All Users\Application Data\LumaPix\App\Presets

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