How do I split an image into a mosaic or grid?

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The Splitter Tool allows to you slice an image frame into a multi-frame grid.
After splitting, each frame is a separate copy of the original image.
You can apply frame and border effects to each frame separately to create a unique look

To accomplish this look, select the image frame you want to mosaic.
On the Toolbox, mouse-down on the Splitter Tool.
Drag your mouse up/down and left/right to divide the image dynamically.

For more precise control, click down on the Splitter Tool.

Note: the Mosaic Image checkbox must be on to split your image into components.
Uncheck it if you want to create a grid containing one copy of the image, and keep the rest as empty frames.

The frame will split into the specified number of rows and columns.

You can adjust the properties off all the frames – frame border, inset, and other attributes.
Select all the frames by dragging your mouse over the selected frames.
Open the Frame or Image editor from the toolbox, and make your changes.

Reduce the inset to bring the frames closer together. Change border width and color, or turn off the border highlight.

The results:

Note: your image has not been carved into smaller pieces. Each frame contains a copy of your original image, cropped to the correct position. You can zoom in, out or pan any single frame within the grid.

You can make changes to each frame independently as well.

or even play with the angle of the frames by clicking AutoJumble

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