How do I use the Tree hover?

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Extreme users will find the Tree hover located in the bottom hover dock. The Tree hover allows you to see how your project is organized pages then distinct layers.

  • Canvas contains the locked down canvas background frame.
  • Collage contains images, and any text frames that are attached directly to your images.
  • Text contains on-canvas text.
  • Template and Overlay are optional layers, used to add content useful for template construction (eg. non-renderable instructions, immovable overlays).
  • Page Segment is a special layer used to capture an area of the canvas to transfer this content-view to another page in your project.

The Tree hover shows the relationship of frames relative to each other.

Multiselect frames on the Tree by holding the Ctrl (Windows) or Cmd (Mac) key down, then click on the frames on the tree.

Selected frames on the Tree can be dragged into place across layers.
Within a single layer, use the Up / Down arrows to move it into a new position within a layer.

The link attaching a text frame to an image frame can be broken by selecting it on the Tree, and using the < key to move it off the image frame.

Drag the text back to the Text layer if desired.

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