How do I use Web Albums?

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FotoFusion allows to you upload your project to the LumaPix server as an online slide-show with custom transition styles. It provides you with a web address and QR Code, which can be easily shared with friends, family and clients. This no-fee service guarantees at least 30 days on the server, and will include LumaPix branding on the final slide.

After uploading, your project is assigned a web address, which can be accessed on any computer or tablet, sent directly to , or sent it by email, as you wish.

When you are ready share your project, click on the Web Album tab.

To upload (publish) your album, click on Publish New Web Album.

The project will render, then upload.

When the upload is complete, the project will appear among your published albums.

Sharing your Web Album

To share the web album, select it in the preview section, then chose one of the following options:

  • View in Browser: Launches the album in your default web browser.
  • URL to Clipboard: Copies the album’s website address, allowing you to paste it in an email (Ctrl-V Windows, Cmd-V Macs)
  • ID to Clipboard: Copies the six digit code unique to your album – this does not include the full url.
  • QR to Clipboard: Copies the QR code, allowing you to paste it into an email or text.
  • QR to Disk: Saves the QR code locally, launching it in your default image previewer.
  • Email: Launches your email and creates a new email with a link to the web album.
  • Facebook: Launches Facebook on your computer and creates a new post with a link to the web album.
  • Twitter: Launches twitter on your computer and creates a new post with a link to the web album.

Viewing the web album

When the album launches in a browser, it appears with instructions overlaid. The album can be displayed on any browser.

On a traditional computer screen, use your mouse to swipe the screen. On a touch tablet, use your finger.

Swipe as if you were turning the pages of a book – from right to left – to move to the first page.

You can also click the sides of the page to move forwards and backwards through the book.

Swipe up from the bottom to see a preview of all slides.

Swipe from the top down to see sharing options (the URL, email, Facebook & Twitter) and slide show options (style of transition and slide show mode)

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