How to add custom mattes

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Mattes are special graphics that can hold images.  They are jpg files made using only 100% black on 100% white backgrounds, cropped to the edges of the shape.

If you have a custom collection of mattes, you can add them to FotoFusion by tagging them in the Organizer.

To tag mattes, go under the ORGANIZE tab, and find the mattes where they are saved on your system.
Select one or more matte, then go to the KEYWORD area on the right side of the screen.
mattes 1

Look at the options under the TYPE box…


Choose Parts > Mattes.
mattes 2


Your graphics are now tagged as mattes.  Access them via the Images Hover.
When dropped on the canvas under the Create / Editor tab, they can be used to hold an image.

mattes 3


Tip: to make your custom collection quickly accessible, create a new hover.
Click on the >> button at the top of the hover, then choose Clone…

mattes 4

Give the hover a custom name… then click OK to save it.mattes 5

Turn the hover on in any of the three hover docks (accessible under the hover menu).mattes 6

Click on the new hover to access your custom mattes immediately.
mattes 7



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