How to autocollage around a featured image

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There is no automated manner to Auto-Collage around a single image in FotoFusion. However, you can build a page with several smaller Auto-Collage frames surrounding a featured image to give a similar effect.

 Add your featured image to your canvas. In this case, the image has been placed dead center.

If desired, lock the image into place.

Create multiple Auto-Collage frames around the image. Drag your mouse over an area of the canvas, release it, then choose Auto-Collage frame. Surround your feature image with additional Auto-Collage frames.

Add images to your Auto-Collage regions. Select a few images from your image hover, and drag them to the first region.

 Repeat to fill the other frames, choosing the same relative number of images for each area.

Each Auto-Collage can be re-autocollaged…

and additional images can be dragged into individual Auto-Collage frames.

The completed collage gives the desired effect of a random assortment of images around a single featured image. Customize the layout further, as you like.

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