How do I add an image, a color, or a texture to a frame or the background?

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Image frames, including the canvas background, can display color and texture.

Adding color to an image frame or the canvas background

Select an image frame on your canvas, then open the Image editor.
To select the canvas background, select outside the canvas itself.

Open the Fill tab, where you can:

  • Adjust the fill opacity. 0 = no fill, 255 = complete fill
  • Select a color from the color chip

Tip: turn off the “drop photo here” warning from the Image hover’s General tab. This will prevent you from accidentally dropping an image into the frame.

Adding an image or texture (paper) to an image frame or the canvas background

Images and textures (papers) can be added to your image frames and to the canvas background.
A collection of textures can be found under the Papers hover.
To add an image or texture to a frame, simply drag and drop the a paper into it. If an image is already in the frame, it will be replaced.
To add an image or a texture to the canvas background, drag the item to the grey area outside the canvas then drop it – you will see the canvas background is highlighted, indicating that it has been targeted to receive the image.

Double-page spreads can receive background textures on one or both sides of the canvas.
To add a paper across the entire canvas, drag the image or texture outside the canvas, to the gutter line.
The entire canvas will be highlighted in blue – drop the image off the edge the canvas, and it will cover both sides of the page.
 double side
double side 2
To target only one side, drag the paper outside the canvas to the left or right side of the page..
When the selected side is highlighted, drop the paper outside the canvas.
 single side
single side 2

Using frames as “color blocks” can result in some very creative layouts.
Play with color, texture, and frame border shape to get a unique look for your page.

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