Troubleshooting: problems with Windows 10 installations

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FotoFusion Version 5 is fully compatible with Windows 10. If you have just updated your older version of Windows to Windows 10, and FotoFusion won’t launch, do not despair – the new operating installation “broke” FotoFusion’s installation, so reinstalling it should fix it.

Reinstall the software from LumaPix website. You may need to reactivate the software after installing it. If FotoFusion is in Trial mode after relaunching, go to HELP and choose Activate FotoFusion Online.

Type your UserId (your email address at the time of purchase) and your password. Submit the information to reactivate.

Version 3 and 4 users will need to upgrade to Version 5 on  LumaPix website as these older versions are no longer supported.

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