Issues with font display (Windows 10, Mac)

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Mac users

If you are using FotoFusion on a Mac computer and find that your font list is not appearing correctly, please contact support services. Provide your UserID so we can update your account so that you will be prompted to install a new build of the software with a special font update patch. (Note that FotoFusion is unsupported past Mac os.x 10.14.)

Windows 10 users

If you have recently installed fonts on your computer but do not find them when you relaunch FotoFusion, the problem may be caused by changes made to Windows 10 in the way fonts are installed (Build 1809). Windows may place new font installations in C:\Users\YourUserName rather than the usual general Windows fonts folder (C:\Windows\Fonts). This change was made by Microsoft to allow users without administrative privileges to add fonts to their accounts. However, the result is that non-Microsoft applications may not see the fonts because they are not in the font directory where they are expected to reside.

​To make the font generally available, reinstall the font by right-mouse selecting the font installer file, and choose ‘”install for all users” as shown in the screenshot below.


After relaunching FotoFusion, you should see the font as expected. This is the best solution since it will make the font available to all user accounts and all applications on the computer. 

Another way to use fonts in FotoFusion Version 5 is to create a new image hover pointing to the folder where your fonts are installed. Open the Image hover, and point it to the folder holding your font collection. Click on the >> button then choose Clone.

Give the new hover a name…

Then turn the hover on in any of your hover docks.

The new hover will be available whenever you relaunch the software.​ Just drag and drop the font onto your text frame for instant application. You may in fact prefer to use fonts in this manner – it makes previews a little easier and changes a little quicker since you bypass the text editor.


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