Resizing & repositioning images within a frame

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Selected images frames display handles around the edge of the frame. Image-type frames  display eight resize handles, which can be used to resize images on all sides.

frame size handles

Embellishment-type images will only show four handles. PNG, GIF, PDF and other types reserved for fixed aspect ratio type graphics will only show four handles when selected.

frame size png handles

Drag on center handles to change the width/height of an image. On Image-type frames, they will change aspect ratio. On Embellishment-type frames, they will grow proportionally larger or smaller. Note that width and height may also be changed manually under the Frame Border editor’s General tab.

frame size width

Drag on corner handles to resize both the length & width simultaneously.

frame size corner

To pan an image, click and drag on the center handle. If the image is larger than the frame in which is is placed, the photo will move in the direction of your mouse drag.

frame size crop

Use the inside gold handles to zoom the image inside the frame. Note that you cannot zoom out larger than the outermost edge of the image itself.

frame size pan

To rotate the entire image frame, click and drag on the rotation handle. Hold the Alt-key on your keyboard to rotate in 45 degree increments. Image rotation is also available in the Frame Border editor’s general tab.frame rotate
To rotate an image within the frame, hold the Ctrl-key (Windows) or the Cmd-key (Mac) then click & drag on the rotation handle. The photo will pivot inside the frame. This is best used to slightly correct the image after zooming in, to avoid gaps between the image and the frame.

frame skew

Changing between Image & Embellishment type frames

FotoFusion assumes that certain file types are always photos that may be resized out of proportion – jpg & tiff. It also assumes that other file types are clip-art decorations – png, gif, bmp or other file types that support transparency – or locked-aspect ratio by default, such as pdf.

If you need to reset a frame to another type, you can do so by right-mouse selecting the frame. Choose IMAGE > Type > and reset the frame to your choice.


Here is an example of a png clipart reset to an Image Frame. It now can be resized out of proportion.
type reset

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