Saving & Preview issues related to file naming

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FotoFusion is able to access files and folders named using standard alphanumeric characters and a limited number of other characters.

If you are having problems viewing or using photos, check your file names. If you are not able to save your project or to render it, or to access a folder containing photos, your folder name may be improperly named. FotoFusion may freeze or even crash due to irregular file or folder names.

Common format issues include:

  • double spaces (eg:  Rainy day  001.jpg should be Rainy day 001.jpg)
  • extra spaces before or after the file/folder name
  • “code” characters – #?/@& and similar (eg:  Clubs & Activities / Club Day should be named Clubs Activities and Club Day)
  • double-file extensions caused by extra periods (eg. Clara.Grad.jpg should be Clara Grad.jpg)
  • the use of commas in file & folder names may cause deletion issues.

Rename the file/folders on your system then relaunch FotoFusion. If the issue was related to file & folder name issues, the problems will immediately disappear after relaunching.

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