How do I split frames into a grid or merge frames together?

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Splitting and merging frames are two of the most powerful tools in FotoFusion. These allow you to make precise, complicated layouts in a few mouse clicks.

The Splitter Tool

Not only does the splitter tool allow you to mosaic a single image, but enables you to make complicated templates in a few mouse-clicks.

Start your composition by adding an image frame to cover the entire area to be covered by your grid.
Select the frame and move to the Splitter tool on the Toolbox.

Click your left-mouse button then drag up and down on the Splitter icon to dynamically carve the selected frame into rows and columns, releasing the mouse when you have the desired layout.

You can also click onto the splitter and type the exact number of divisions you want.

The layout does not need to be full page – start with a frame or two on your page, use the splitter and make a custom layout.

Merging frames

To merge two or more adjacent frames, select them either by holding the Ctrl (Windows) / Cmd (Mac) key on your keyboard, and select the frames individually, or left-mouse click and drag your mouse over the frames you want to include in the selection area.

Once the frames have been selected, right-mouse select the selection area to access the right-mouse menu options: choose Position then Merge. Alternatively, click Alt+M on your keyboard.

Use split and merge to create custom templates: make a grid, merge and re-split frames. A perfectly aligned composition will always result.

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