Understanding layers

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While not immediately visible in FotoFusion, images and text are organized into layer on your pages.

There are five layers available:

  • Canvas: by default, a single locked-down image frame.
  • Collage: by default, the layer where your images are dropped
  • Text: by default, the layer where your title-text frames are added.
  • Template: usually not used, an optional top-level area used only for instructions or details related to template building.
  • Overlay: usually not used, an optional top-level area used for adding transparent graphics that cover your entire design.

To see the layers on your project, turn on the Tree hover on any of the three hover docks.tree 1

Each page will display layers for your composition. Below is an example of a typical page, with content on the Canvas, Collage and Text layers. Selected items will appear as highlighted.Tree 2

Notice how text attached to image frames directly is on the Collage layer (meaning the text frame will move when the image frame moves), while text independent of image frames is on the Text layer. This ensures titles will be displayed above images.

You can drag text & image frames or use the up/down arrows on the Pages hover to move them to new layers or to a different order on your page.

Alternatively, you can move a selected item to a new layer in the following manner:

  • Select one or more items on your canvas (in this example, the text frames attached to images have been chosen).
  • Right-mouse select the selection, then choose Position > Order > Move to Layer…selected
  • Select a new layer.
    text moving
  • The selected frames will move to a new layer.

Layers are managed under the TOOLS menu. They can be turned on/off for viewing, protected and made see-through.layers 1

By default, layers are not protected nor are they see-through. Content under protected layers cannot be selected or moved – this feature may be useful to you for making template.

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