What are bleed and safe guidelines?

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The Bleed Guideline is indicated in red on the canvas. (Note: The red lines do not appear in rendered projects.)

The bleed value increases the overall size of the page, padding it to accommodate trimming the page after it is printed. process.

The bleed guideline falls exactly on the trim-edge of the finished page – anything beyond the red line will be cut off, so do not add any important content past this line.

Generally, bleed guidelines are only applied to the canvas if a pro-printing company has specifically requires it. Projects printed at home or at a photo finisher will not require a bleed value.

Bleed guidelines can be adjusted by accessing the Canvas Settings editor.

The Safe Guideline is marked in green on the canvas. Note: The green lines do not appear in rendered projects.

Any element within the interior safe zone of your page (inside the green lines) will not be cut off when the project is printed and bound. I

When the AutoCollage tool is used, it will respect the safe guideline by keeping all collage images within the safe zone.
The Safe Guideline can be adjusted anytime by accessing the Canvas Settings editor.

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