What is the difference between an album side and a double-page spread?

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Album projects can contain different types of pages: album sides and double-spreads, as well as covers.

Album Sides

Album sides represent single pages within a multi-page project.  On the Create screen, an Album side will display a grey stripe running along its gutter edge – the edge that faces into the binding.

Album sides have a left- or right-facing direction, which is determined by the direction they face into the gutter.
Right-facing sides have the grey line on the left edge, left-facing sides have the grey line on the right-facing edge.

Album Two-Page Spreads

Two-Page Spreads (or Double-page spreads) represent left and right side pages on the same layout.
The gutter line falls in the middle of the page.

You can add content (backgrounds, images, text) across both sides of a double-page spread.

Tip: To drop a background image across both sides of the double-spread, drag the image outside the canvas towards the middle of the layout.
When the entire page is highlighted in blue (not just one side), drop the image outside the canvas. It will snap to the background.

You can also treat the two sides separately.

Tip: To drop a background image on one side of a double-spread, drag the image in the grey area around the canvas over the side you want to select. It will be highlighted in blue. Drop the image outside the canvas, and the image will snap onto to the selected side.

Double-page spreads can be rendered as separate sides or as the entire canvas on the Output tab, as per the requirements of your printer.

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