How do I upload images from ICloud to the Gallery?

Images saved to iCloud can be uploaded to your YearbookFusion Gallery hover.

First, open the Gallery hover. Next, open your DropBox folder, or any folder within the Dropbox.

Once inside the folder, click in the URL (web address) at the top of the folder.
A drop down menu will appear- select the option to “Copy DropBox Link To Clipboard.”

NOTE: If you highlight the QR Code, this dropdown menu will not appear.

Once you’ve copied the link to the clipboard, open up any internet browser (preferably Chrome).
Paste (Command + V) this url into the address bar at the top.
Hit Enter on the keyboard to open the web page.

Click on the “Add Images” button on the right of the screen.

Select your iCloud Drive on your local system.
The images from your iCloud drive will display, allowing you to select one or more images, then Open them to start the upload.

NOTE: Be selective about the number of images you add to your folder. Adding dozens and dozens of images to a single folder will reduce the efficiency of the Gallery both to use (too many images to sort through), the time required to upload and the time to reload their thumbnails within YearbookFusion. We recommend only uploading images that are true candidates for use in the book, not all the photos taken during an event.  If need be, create several sub-folders in your gallery to pre-organize on an event/activity basis.
After the images have uploaded, return to YearbookFusion. If required, refresh your Gallery folder by navigating in and out of it.  Your newly added photos will now be available to add to the book.

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