I receive an error when trying to save to remote storage – what should I do?

If you are unable to save your project back to remote storage, and receive an error message which reads something like the following:

Error code: InvalidRequest
Error index: 159299010509282820
CkHttp_CRSWSCImpl::InternalSendRSRestRequest file: sources\RemoteStorageWS.cpp line: 1198
Thread ID:  00001c2c
Severity: Error

your network/internet connection has most likely been interrupted while you were working on your project.

Save your project locally

If you have done a significant amount of work since your last save, and want to retain your work, back your project up to a locally saved file.
Click on the Menu Icon, then choose File > Save As

Point to your local computer – your Desktop or your My Projects folder, for instance.

Change the name of the file (eg. append a number or a date to it) then save the project.

Relaunch YearbookFusion

Once the project has saved, close FotoFusion, exit the software, then relaunch it. This will reestablish your connection to the server.

Reopen your local project

After relaunching the software, open your local project from the Menu under File. The file should appear at the top of the Open Recent options.

Check the state of the project

After the project relaunches on your Editor screen, ensure that the images are wired up properly.
Use the Locate Missing Images tool, located under the Menu’s Tools options, to force-download any images or content that was not downloaded from the server.

When the tool launches, click on Find Missing – a download progress bar may appear. In the end, a “No Issues Found” message should appear if your project is correctly wired to all its components.

Save the project back to remote storage

Exit the Locate Missing Images tool (click OK, then X out of the window).
Return to the Menu, choose File > Save as, and point to your Remote Storage folder. Save the project back to remote storage.

Swap projects on the My Book tab

If you are using My Book‘s ladder to organize your projects into a book, you’ll need to swap out the original project with the newly saved project.
On the ladder, hover over the original project, and click X to remove it from the ladder.

Add the new version of your project to the ladder. Choose Add Pages > My Sections, and find the new version of the project.

Your project is now restored to your yearbook.


If any steps fail during this process, please submit a ticket under the Contact link of this support portal. Be sure to include your school name and/or UserId, and a contact phone number.

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