Where can I find clipart and papers to decorate my pages?

YearbookFusion is packaged with an extensive collection of decorative embellishments and templates.

The Editor tab contains direct links to collections of decorations for your pages, located in the top right-hand hover doc.


The Decorations hover contains a massive collection of thematically organized clipart and papers. You can download a pdf catalogue to explore outside the software.

Choose among:

  • Designer Series: Style your yearbook with a theme. Go retro wtih 50s Diner, Classical Elegance or Groovy Retro, or make a nature themed book with Beach,Woodlands, or Season. Try a graphic look with Color Riot, Comic Book, or Urban Graffiti. There are many choices to explore, and most themes include matching background papers. Use it for part of your book, or maintain a style throughout.
  • Holidays & Religion: Clipart and papers for commonly celebrated occasions and religious themes.
  • Performance & Sports: A collection of decorative embellishments for performance arts (dance, cinema & theatre, circus and magic, music) and sports (general and by sport type).
  • School: Explore school-specific collections, based on in class activities and specialty clubs, as well as a general collection of art and school supplies.
  • Tech & Media: Find decorations for media arts, including journalism, photography and high tech.


While the Decoration category contains many specialty-themed papers, the Background hover is the source for general papers and color-coordinated sets. The catogue is available as a downloadable pdf.

  • By Color: Search among hundreds of textured background according to color groups.
  • Coordinate sets: Presented in a rainbow of color options, select coordinating groups for your panel pages. These are organized as Bordered, Unbordered and Color Block collections.


Headers are title graphics (word art) suitable for your panel pages, to indicate grade levels (eg. Kindergarten, Grade 4, Sophmore) or groups (Staff). Download the pdf catalogue here.


The Covers hover presents special background papers designed specifically for cover sheets – displaying the book spine prominently, and clearly indicating the front and back cover. The catalogue is available as a downloadable pdf.


Add a novely border to your image frames by dragging these embellishment on top of your photos. Some of the frames (eg: photo frames) can be dynamically resized – adjust the border width by dragging on the Frame border toolbox icon.

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